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Ostuni, the white city, is located just 12 kilometers from the Masseria Spetterrata farmhouse.
It is located on the last part of the Murgian hilly belt, from above it faces the Adriatic coast to the north, Salento to the south. Ostuni was founded by the Messapi around the fourth century BC, but the territory of Ostuni was certainly inhabited by man since the Stone Age times.

The many finds found, such as the famous skeleton of the woman from Ostuni, testify to the presence of the man since the Palaeolithic era. Its name derives from the Greek Astu-neon and means new city.
Today it is famous for all as the white city, a name that derives from the whiteness of its historic center, completely painted with lime, which stands out on the top of the hill.
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There are several tourist villages in the coastal strip which, thanks to the uncontaminated sea, consecutively for years, has allowed Ostuni to obtain the recognition of the Blue Flag. Also on the coast we find the Regional Park of the coastal dunes from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo which it also extends over the territory of Fasano.

The historic center of Ostuni is rich in religious and civil buildings of great architectural interest such as the cathedral of Santa Maria dell’Assunzione, the churches of San Francesco di Assisi and San Giacomo di Compostela, the sanctuary of Sant’Oronzo, the bishop’s palace , the many noble palaces scattered throughout the city.

Do not miss the Archaeological and Naturalistic Park of Santa Maria di Agnano, the Carmelite monastery with the adjacent Museum of pre-classic civilizations of the southern Murgia. Ostuni and its district owe, today, at least in part, their celebrity also to the many "Masserie" that from ancient farms in many cases turn themself hotels and luxury homes.

The patron saint and patron of Ostuni is Sant’Oronzo. In his honor, from 24 to 27 August, the celebrations are organized which include the so-called cavalcade of Sant’Oronzo with shows and fireworks.