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Alberobello, the city of trulli, is located about 30 km away. from the Masseria Spetterrata farmhouse.

Since 1996 recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Its name derives from the Latin sylva arboris belli, that is, forest of the tree of war. Famous in the world as the city of trulli.

The trulli are particular cylindrical constructions having a cone as a ceiling, they are made only of stone, without the use of mortar or other connecting or supporting materials. Tradition has it that the ancient symbols of pagan and then Christian origin are drawn on the cones with lime. These symbols have a protective function for the house and its inhabitants. The ancient architectural technique of the trulli dates back to protohistory.

There are many analogies with tholoi, the famous cylindrical funerary constructions typical of the first form of civilization in the Mediterranean: the Minoan-Mycenaean civilization (3500 BC - 1100 BC). It is the same used for other ancient rural buildings in the Mediterranean area such as the myths of Crete, the nuraghes of Sardinia, the dammusi of Pantelleria, the girne of Malta, the bunje of Yugoslavia.

Alberobello has the medical saints Cosma and Damiano as patrons of the city. The famous basilica of Alberobello is dedicated to them; and in their honor every year, on 26, 27 and 28 September , the celebrations take place involving tens of thousands of faithful from all over the Itria Valley.