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Olives cultivation

The farm is run today by Pierluigi Semeraro who has picked up the baton from his father Nicola, in turn, received from his grandfather Luigi famous farmer, who still had received from the great-grandfather Nicola.
The farm continues an unbroken tradition that is passed down from generation to generation.
The farm focuses on the cultivation of olive trees, on the processing in extra virgin olive oil and finally on the marketing the product directly to the consumer. The Masseria Spetterrata farm is included within the so-called oil road, marked by mills, rural villages, and especially old farms, the latter defined as the historical olive’s oil farms of Apulia.
All the olive trees, most of them secular, are born with the ancient technique of grafting on wild olive trees (wild olive) spontaneously born in the Macchia Mediterranea.

All olive trees come from the land of Masseria Spetterrata.
These magnificent plants do not need to be watered and they can safely produce, as they have for centuries, without any special external inputs, each of them fits into the landscape in a spontaneous and natural way.
For sure, cultivation of these trees, in all its many phases, takes longer and costs more than those of modern plantations, designed to make the highest profit with rows of plants close together that need lots of water and aid of chemicals and little manual work.
Our farm, with the belief that it is important to continue the tradition, practices a way of farming that does not follow the logic of profit at all costs, but has as main objective the respect for the man and for the land it occupies.
The farm cultivates also small amounts of greens and vegetables sold directly to the final consumer, and used for preparation of dishes served in the restaurant.