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Typical Apulian Cuisine

The Apulian cuisine is distinguished primarily by the use of ingredients gathered from both land and sea. Masseria Spetterrata selected with great care the basic elements for the preparation of the dishes that thanks to the high quality of the raw materials are another element of pleasure offered for the stay of guests.

The recipes are the best culinary traditions of Apulia in particular of Vlle d’Itria, recipes handed down from generation to generation and which today represent a milestone for the Italian food and wine.
  • Puree beans and vegetables - Agriturismo Masseria Spetterrata
  • Homemade orecchiette pasta - Agriturismo Masseria Spetterrata
  • Bread with olives - Agriturismo Masseria Spetterrata
  • Homemade trofie pasta - Agriturismo Masseria Spetterrata
  • Homemade orecchiette pasta - Agriturismo Masseria Spetterrata
  • Typical Apulian Cuisine - Agriturismo Masseria Spetterrata
  • homemade cavatelli pasta - Agriturismo Masseria Spetterrata
  • Bruschetta with cherry tomatoes - Agriturismo Masseria Spetterrata
  • Mozzarella and fresh ricotta - Agriturismo Masseria Spetterrata
  • Homemade laganari pasta - Agriturismo Masseria Spetterrata
  • Laganari with beans and mussels - Agriturismo Masseria Spetterrata
  • Homemade orecchiette pasta - Agriturismo Masseria Spetterrata

Mediterranean diet

The traditional Apulian cuisine, as well as the ingredients are those typical of the Mediterranean diet recently listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Basic elements are seasonal vegetables, with beans, green beans, turnip greens, tomatoes, peppers, chicory that are proposed either as main dishes or appetizers/ side dishes.

The homemade pasta is another feature typical of the Apulian cuisine, where orecchiette famous throughout the world nowadays, are something not to be missed. Depending on the recipes and combinations you can also enjoy the trofie, cavatelli, and laganari. The taste of homemade pasta binds in an exceptional way with the scents of vegetables or sauces.

For marine products stand out on all seafood, mussels, clams, sea urchins, whose unique and renowned flavour depends on the particular conditions in which they grow and are harvested along the coasts of Apulia on the Adriatic Sea.

As for cheese, in a land in between the hills and the sea,fresh cheeses are those typical of Apulia. mozzarella, fresh ricotta, burrata are the most popular products.

In the Apulian cuisine, you cannot forget a product of particular relevance and virtually present in all hot and cold dishes: the extra virgin olive oil, which in this part of Apulia, the Itria Valley where Masseria Spetterrata islocated, represents an additional value due to the fact that is produced from old olive trees.